BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Printing @ Alkek

We now have BYOD printing (bring your own device).

Here’s how it works.


Using your Texas State e-mail account, send an email to one of these addresses ( or (duplex is for double-sided print jobs, letter is for single- sided print jobs).

Attach any documents would like to print to the email.  The body of your email also show up as a print job if you want to print that way.

Go to a print release station to release your print jobs.  There are print release stations available on every floor of Alkek library.


Navigate to

Click of the print button.  Login with your Texas State netID and password.  Expand all of the categories and select a printer you want to print two.  Use duplex for two-sided print jobs and letter for single-sided print jobs.  Browse for an upload the document you want to print.  Click continue once the document is selected for upload.  Click continue once more after adjusting page sizes.  Wait for the job to upload.  Once the page displays complete go to a print release station to release your job.


New! Alkek C² Collaboration Center (Group Work, Digital Editing, Videoconferencing, Practice Presentations and More)


What is the Collaboration Center?

This new space located on the 4th floor of the Alkek Library is a space designed for collaboration and group work; to practice presentatons, or for communicate with group members not on campus.

What kind of space and equipment is available?

There are two multiple technology rooms to  accommodate groups of up to six. In addition to a large conference like table, each room has a large screen monitor and computer available. One room (480A) has videoconferencing equipment.

There are also three digital editing bays which can be reserved adjacent to the technology rooms.

How do I sign up to use this space?

You can use the online reservation system to reserve a room in 2 hour blocks.

Please give us your feeback or questions.

Welcome and Quick Intro to Using the Library

Welcome back to everyone to Summer 1!

It’s a really fast introduction to using our resources. You just type in your key words, select the kind of resource you want (book, magazine etc) and then you can narrow down using suggested keywords.

Whether you are returning student or a newbie, you may want to watch this tutorial:

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