February Library eNews Is Live!

We’re excited to present the February issue of Library eNews, featuring services and resources to serve our Texas State community. This issue introduces our new 3D printing service, provides tips on career exploration and honing research skills, showcases our University Archivist and a poem written for Alkek’s “Tell Us Your Story” competition–and much more!

Library eNews (also accessible at https://digital.library.txstate.edu/handle/10877/5952)

Inside This Issue:

Director’s Message
My Home Away From Home

Tell Us Your Story Winner
“The Alkek Library,” by Isabel Briana Torres

Student Voices
How Alkek and a Hike Helped Me Find My Way

Step Up Your Research
Using Library Resources to Sharpen Research Skills

Meet Our Staff
Kristine Toma, University Archivist

News from the North
Faculty: Place Reserve Items at the RRC Library

Collections Spotlight
Calling All Art Lovers!

At the Wittliff Collections
Wittliff Exhibit Highlights Classic Texas Films

Texas State University History
Glimpses of University History on Flickr

Copyright Corner
Using Images from the Internet



Faculty: Submit Your Online Resource Proposal

Online Resource Grants

The purpose of the online  resource grants is to enable the purchasing of larger one-time online resources no one department can easily afford with its library allocation. In academic year 2015-2016, $160,000 is budgeted for such online collections.

One-time purchases typically include but are not limited to primary source databases, journal backfile collections, e-book collections, audio or streaming media collections. Some possibilities are listed on our one-time resource page. Please contact Scott Pope (pope@txstate.edu) to get pricing for any products outside this list. Acquisitions will verify eligibility and pricing, and can set up trials as needed.



  • The resource should be online, accessible by the entire campus, and come with persistent access rights. The review committee can make an exception for an extraordinary print/microform collection not available online.
  • The resource must  be a one-time purchase. Grant funds cannot be used to support ongoing subscriptions or temporary access to a subscription resource. If the resource requires an annual access fee, the requestor’s department or other department will need to approve the ongoing cost from their library allocation.
  • The resource should enhance the library collection and strengthen research initiatives.
  • All things being equal, priority is given to higher ticket items over inexpensive ones. The library may be able to purchase less expensive items with end-of-year funds.


Review Criteria

  • Value/Anticipated Use of the Resource: Priority is given to resources that benefit many departments or programs or greatly benefit one area. More than one source of personal/departmental support may be important. The resource does not necessarily need to be multi-disciplinary. The intent is that all subject areas be represented over the years.
  • Uniqueness: Priority is given to resources that enhance the library’s collection rather than duplicate or overlap with existing collections.

Submit a proposal here

Submission deadline: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 5pm.


Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The review committee consists of two members of the Library Committee, two previous recipients, and two librarians.



Dec 8 – Feb 19: Applications are accepted
Feb 19 – March 13: Application review
End of March: Grants are announced
April – May: Resources are ordered

Data Planet and dataZoa Make Data Easy

It’s the age of big data.  And learning to make attractive graphs and charts for presentations as an important job skill.

But data planet and dataZoa make it easy for you.  These databases allow you to easily import data from several different sources and easily make charts and graphs.  True, there’s a way to do this in Microsoft Excel but it is much easier in these two databases.

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets


MRI + Migration – Save Your Data!

MRI/ University Reporter will change platforms on June 30 with no information carrying over from the old platform, and no redirects for the URL.  There’s a message on the database page to alert anyone who uses this regularly.   You need to export any saved data before June 30th.



MRI+ University Reporter from Mediamark Research Inc.

Subjects: Consumer demographics, psychographics/lifestyles, product & brand usage, and media preferences based on a national probability sample of 27,000 households. Although MRI provides marketing research for a wide variety of products, it does not analyze all consumer items. Please see the MRI Internet User Guide for help or watchour YouTube video.
Formats: Full text.
Coverage: 2001 to last year.

New Databases: Art, Classical Studies, National Security Archives, British Literature

Bridgeman Art Library  http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/record=e1000921~S1a

Subjects A unique and comprehensive collection of hundreds of thousands of high resolution images of art obtained from museum, art gallery and artist collections throughout the world. Featured works cover every theme and period, ranging from cave paintings to contemporary art, as well as design, furniture, glass, ceramics, anthropological artifacts, maps, architecture, and more.
Coverage Current
Format DRM free images

Categories:  Architecture, Art & Design, Images

Digital National Security Archive  http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/record=e1000920~S1a

Subjects Government Documents. Declassified U.S. government documents, providing vital primary source material to advance research in twentieth and twenty-first century history, politics, and international relations. Contains tens of thousands of the most important, declassified documents which have been gathered through extensive use of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Many are published now for the first time. DNSA also contains the CIA Family Jewels Indexed. Among the most controversial documents ever compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, the “Family Jewels” represents the CIA’s own view, in 1973, of those domestic activities it had engaged in up to that time that were outside its charter, hence illegal.
Coverage 1945 to present
Format Declassified government documents
Type Full-Text Database
Documentation/Tutorial Search assistance and collections within the DNSA http://proquest.libguides.com/c.php?g=155442&p=1027132
Maximum Users Unlimited
Available to Faculty, Staff, Students, Walk-in users
Permitted Uses Download, copy, print out for academic non-commercial purposes; Link to from Blackboard/Tracs; Share individual articles for scholarly purposes
Terms of Use Placing articles from the database on e-reserve or other electronic systems is not allowed. Linking from these products to the content in the database is allowed.

Categories:  Primary Sources (Historical), History, Government Documents, Political Science, Law and Government, Military and Aerospace Studies

Literary Research Guide, 6th edition   http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/record=e1000922~S1a

Subjects Literature. This selective, annotated guide to reference sources is essential to the study of British literature, literatures of the United States, other literatures in English, and related topics. Important bibliographies, abstracts, surveys of research, indexes, databases, catalogs, general histories and surveys, annals, chronologies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks are described and recommended.
Coverage Current
Format Bibliography of resources for literary research
Type E-book
Maximum Users Unlimited
Available to Faculty, Staff, Students, Walk-in users
Permitted Uses Download, copy, print out for academic non-commercial purposes

Categories:  Literatures and Languages, Reference Resources

LOEB Classical Library  http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/record=e1000923~S1a

Subjects Renowned collection of English translations of great classical Greek and Latin literature including epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians; and church fathers who made particular use of pagan culture.
Coverage Antiquity
Format English translations of classical Greek and Latin texts
Type Full-Text Database
Access Info A full title list is available at http://www.hup.harvard.edu/resources/booksellers/downloads/Loeb.xls
Documentation/Tutorial To save highlights and bookmarks, please create a personal account.

Categories: History, Literature and Languages, Philosophy, Theatre and Performing Arts, Plays, Poems, Pre-1900 Texts, E-Books

FYI –  Each volume will be cataloged separately. The MARCs are in the processing queue.


Boko Says, “March Library eNews!”


March Library eNews

Find these stories and more:

Library Resources for Every Learning Style
Finding Primary Sources for Your Research
Mobile Possibilities for Research and Teaching
BrowZine Scholarly Journals on Your Device
Liz King: Library Experience Librarian
The RRC Library—It’s Bigger Than You Think!
Books and Artifacts Bring the Southwest Alive
11,000+ Department of Defense Resources
Digitizing the Student Newspaper for Access
Plus “Calling all Faculty”! Try our new reading list builder, a pilot program

Find previous issues of Library eNews in our digital collections and on our website.

New Biz Databases: First Research and IBIS World

So you have to do an industry analysis for your management class?  Now we have two new databases that put everything in one location and have better categories of businesses too!

First Research – A great one stop location for industry surveys and analysis.

Contains over 900 Industry Segments, updated constantly with monthly statistics and indicators as well as quarterly trend updates, and State Profiles to monitor monthly employment, business and real estate trends in each of the 50 US states.


Subjects NAICS collection analyzes industries at the 5-digit level offering the latest content on 700 industries. Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.
Coverage Current
Format U.S. Industry reports
Type Other Database

New! First Research Database For Industry Analysis

Great news for business discipline majors!  The library has subscribed to First Research database.

This database contains over 900 different industry segments. For each segment there are SWOT analyses, growth ratings, and forecasts.
Other industry surveys are located in these databases:

Business Source Complete
Marketline Advantage
Market Research
Standard and Poor’s (industries tab is at the top of the screen)

Hoovers Database Located in Campus Research and Lexis Nexis

Hoovers (company financials and company history) is available inside Campus Research and Lexis Nexis

The Campus Research link is easier: the Hoovers link is simply located in the upper left screen. Voila!

The Lexis Nexis Way is more complicated.

Go to Companies, select Company Dossier and search your company. The information will be from  Hoovers.

Sanborn Maps Database: Search Historical Layouts of Cities and Towns

Sanborn maps are a great way to study the historical layout of a town. Originally conceived as fire insurance maps, Sanborn Maps have proven to be of use to local historians, civic planners, real estate developers and sometimes small business people (just got a question that involved using Sanborn maps).

Sanborn maps cover the years 1867-1970 – and they do include small to middle sized towns, as well as large cities.

We have a Sanborn Maps Database or follow this link to see our holdings in microfilm