Featured Author: Oliver Sacks (film Awakenings based on his book)

Featured author: Oliver Sacks.

Oliver Sacks is a neurologist and psychologist who writes both popular and technical nonfiction. Sacks is ferociously interested in life and disregards conventional wisdom in his pursuit of breakthroughs to problems deemed unsolvable. Whether ferns in Oaxaca, amnesia, the mysteries of memory or mathematical savants, Sacks brings his intellect and passion for life to his books.

Best known for his books Awakenings and The Man who Mistook His Wife for A Hat.

Awakenings is the true story of survivors of the sleeping sickness epidemic of the 1920s, which put victims into a multidecade long catatonic state. While many people wrote off the comatose patients, Sacks did not and used a controversial drug to bring them into full consciousness. Sadly however, many of the patients eventually slipped back into comas. (Yes, it was made into a movie with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams).