Featured Author: Robin Waterfield, Translator of Classics

If you’ve ever read or seen the classic The English Patient, you’ll remember they keep name checking Herodotus and his book The Histories. Intrigued, I went to the library and checked out a copy, Which was a lucky accident, because that was the year Robin Waterfield’s translation of Herodotus came out.

Robin Waterfield translates the classics Into modern but poetic English. They are very easy to read but still evoke the sonority and magic of the original.

This is a great chance to read the great nonfiction works of the Greek and Roman worlds. There’s some pretty cool stuff: Greek mercenaries battling back home through a thousand miles of hostile territory, the lives of the debauched emperors, the secret history of the origin of Sparta, and a lot more.

Recommended for their literary value as well as for students of history, political science, military science, sociology and more.