More On Computer-Authored Journalism

Many of the news articles you read are actually auto generated by artificial intelligence programs. In fact, robot- authored articles are slated to hit 1 billion. So the odds are you have actually have read one.

Here is an excerpt from the article “You’ll Be Sorry When the Robot Journalists Take Over.”

“Algorithms may be good at crunching numbers and putting them in some kind of context, but journalists are good at noticing things no one else has. They’re good at asking annoying questions. They’re nosy and persistent and willing to challenge authority to dig out a story. They’re good at provoking irritation, devastation, laughter or controversy.”

We at Alkek Library add that the problem with this is that robo-programs have to have finite numbers of rules built into the programming. They are unable to react changes or nuances in perception, values or new situations. The odds are pretty high the machines will miss something.