Terry Pratchett: An Appreciation

Renowned British fantasy author Terry Pratchett has died. He was 66 years old.  Link to all of our Terry Pratchett material here.

From the New York Times obituary:

Mr. Pratchett’s primary setting, Discworld, is a planet of sorts, Frisbee-like in shape and balanced on the backs of four elephants who themselves stand upon the shell of a giant turtle.

Mr. Pratchett introduced it in 1983 in the novel “The Colour of Magic.” Its protagonist, Rincewind, one of a number of recurring characters in the series, is a feckless wizard-wannabe who was an unsuccessful student at Unseen University, the principal school for wizards in the city-state of Ankh-Morpork.

Over three decades and 40 or so volumes (a handful of which were aimed at young readers), Discworld grew into a multilayered society inhabited by witches, trolls and other creatures of varying personalities and powers who often seem to re-enact the follies of Englishmen and other Earth people. Death was a character in almost all of the Discworld books, speaking in all capital letters and expressing a fascination with humans.