Your Voice: HeeJae Chung

HeeJae Chung's testimonial and photo

As a doctoral student and a student member of the library advisory board, I come to the Alkek for academic resources, professional development workshops, and personal projects. I did not know all the various services a school library could offer to the campus community. Last year, I was working on a personal project that I was planning to gift it as a present to my husband as it would be our first Christmas together in Texas. I wanted to convert all the VHS tapes that contained videos of him and his mother who passed away. I needed a VHS player to do this, but it would have cost me around $500 to make this happen through a service. I came to the Alkek and discovered that I could check out a VHS player, so that’s what I did! Thanks to the Alkek electronic equipment check out services, I was able to gift one of the most meaningful gifts I could ever give to my husband.

HeeJae Chung, Adult, Professional, and Community Education Ph.D. student, a Doctoral Research Assistant at the CLAS Department