Reservable Group Study Rooms Now Available!

Study rooms 512 and 514 (both are located on the 5th floor) can now be reserved in 2 hour blocks during the hours the library is open.

Reserve a group study room here:  Log in with your NetID.

Choose the “Group Study- Level 5” tab to reserve either Room 512 or 514.

Group Study Room Reservation
Important Information:

Room 512 can seat up to 6 people; Room 514 can seat up to 10 people.

Reservations are limited to 1 reservation per day.  Each member of the group can make separate reservations to extend group access to a study room.

If you do not claim your room within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, other groups may use the room.

Report any issues to the Circulation/Reserves desk on the 2nd floor.  You may also call 512.245.3681, or use Ask a Librarian to text or IM if someone is in the room during your reserved time.

New Ask Jessica Video

Jessica McClean, Undergraduate librarian, will be answering your questions and talking about research and library topics of interest in her new short video series “Ask Jessica.”  Jessica talks about the whiteboard in the library and what it is being used for.

If you have a question for Jessica, you can post a question in the comments, or send a question to our tumblr site at