Books on Interpreting Dreams

There’s an actual science to interpreting your dreams – how to relate your dream to your life, what your dreams really mean, and different versions of yourself or others in the dream (hidden parts of your personality or other people may appear as different characters in your dream).

Reading this material will definitely help you decode what you are dreaming about.

Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation Of Dreams is here.

You can also browse other books about dream Interpretation and meaning here.

How to Find Psychological Tests, Surveys or Scales at Alkek

Many psychology, social science or perhaps even marketing students need to look up tests, surveys or scales.

This is a link to our databases with test reviews and (sometimes) the actual test. Most tests are proprietary and are not always available.

ETS TestLink is your best bet for locating a (microform) copy of the actual test. Write down the number of the test and go up to the third floor.

The Mental Measurements Yearbook informs you as to what tests exists and usually evaluates them. The MMY doesn’t usually have the test available – but there’s a link if the actual test is available.

You may also search your test in the catalog here.