New Alkek Library READ Poster with Dr. Erina Duganne

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Announcing Alkek Library’s new READ poster for 2019. Dr. Erina Duganne’s testimonial won the spring Tell Us Your Story competition. Dr. Duganne’s testimonial is a compelling narrative about how the library is an integral part of her mentorship to her students and for her research. Read her full testimonial below:

“As an associate professor and area coordinator of the art history program in the School of Art and Design, my teaching and research depend on being able to easily access physical books and journals. One of my favorite activities at Alkek Library is to browse the stacks because you never know what resources you will discover while looking for something else. I teach my students the importance of using the online search catalog as a jumping-off point towards exploration within the stacks. I encourage students to pull many books and journals off the shelves and to spend as much or as little time with them as they need. I also urge them to think about these resources not just for their textual contents but also their material specificity. This assignment comes from my own experiences browsing books in Alkek Library and finding something unexpectedly which would go on to make a major impact on my thinking about a subject. Books are the building blocks of art historical research. We are exceedingly fortunate to have Alkek Library as a resource for our teaching and research.”


Dr. Erina Duganne, Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Art History, School of Art & Design

2 thoughts on “New Alkek Library READ Poster with Dr. Erina Duganne

  1. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always bring my students to browse, discover, hold, luxuriate in beautiful images, spend time with books also!!!

  2. Dr Duganne is a wonderful advocate of all libraries as all teachers, professors and parents should be! Libraries are absolutely filled with accidental learning opportunities never mind, an area to engage in fruitful research. God bless all libraries.

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