Book Review: The Professional Fence

The Professional Fence by Carl Klockars.

This is one of the best books about negotiation and small business management I have ever read. And it’s about professional fences – you know, the people that traffic in stolen goods!

Check out the negotiation tactics the fence uses in dealing with the thief. One of my favorite strategies is how the fence will often state something as a fact that is not true. Or how fences conspire to fix prices in the underworld.

You will see these tactics – misstatements, misdirection, intentionally misleading math, apples to oranges comparisons – time and time again in your business dealings even in the law-abiding world.

What about a business model? Check out the book’s intro about famed London thief Jonathan Wild and how he organized the London underworld so that all goods would come to him.

Telling ya, check it out.